Business Owners - What can we do to help?

To all of the business owners affected by the fire at the Park Theater Mall this morning, our thoughts and prayers go out to you. Community members, please use this blogsite as a conduit for comments and requests for assistance.

Affected Business Owners: Tell us what you need, and what we can do to help.

Residents and Concerned Citizens: Tell us what you can do to help, or offer to the folks in need.

Comments will be moderated only for objectionable content. Please use this space to communicate. Thanks one and all!

Estes Valley Partners for Commerce

For those of you who have expressed an interest in donating, please use the button below to donate through PayPal, or with a credit card. Check and Cash donations will be accepted at the CVB or by any EVPC Board Member. In kind donations should be offered by blogging below. If you are uncomfortable posting your comment yourself, email it to and she will post it for you. Thank you for your support. (It is anticipated that a community committee will be selected to determine how funds are distributed).


  1. So sorry to hear about the fire. Please let us know what we can do to help you rebuild, or get on with things. I'll volunteer time and resources. Post what you need here.

  2. The Pie Shop will donate time and manpower to the clean up effort. So sorry for you all. Val

  3. The UPS Store in Upper Stanley Village would like to offer any business owner directly affected by the fire free black and white copies or document scanning to email files, for items related to your fire damage insurance claims. We are greatly saddened by your loss.

  4. The fire was so devastating today! We are so sorry for all businesses who have lost so much! We have had several people step up to the plate to offer help cleaning up, housing a place for your business, even an offer of financial help if there is someone in immediate dire need. Please contact us at the EP News so we may steer you in the right direction for assistance. Also, if anyone needs anything put in the EP News for help, services, etc. please let us know, we want to help in ANY way we can!!! Our thoughts and prayers go out to all businesses that were affected by this fire. Kris & Gary Hazelton email at 970-586-5800.

  5. Our hearts go out to our neighbors and friends. Your loss is unimagineable and our thoughts and prayers are with you. We want to help in your time of need. Our offer to you is for free Copies, Fax,and Scanning services as you go through the process of rebuilding your businesses and lives...

    The Doylen Family
    Master Graphics Printing/Master Shipping
    191 W. Riverside Drive
    970-586-2679 Monday - Friday
    970-586-6217 Evenings, Saturday and Sunday

  6. The Cultural Arts Council is here to help and support the businesses and individuals who suffered losses as a result of the fire or damages from the attempts to stop its spread.
    We have already heard from many of our artist and performing members who will donate art or musical performances to help raise funds
    for those who need financial support. We have access to a 1,200 sq foot space to hold a fundraising event.
    In addition, we can offer our facility and grand piano as well.
    Just let us know.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with our fellow community members who are now dealing with this tragedy.

    Lynda S. Vogel and the CAC Board of Directors
    Cultural Arts Council of Estes Park

  7. The public library would also like to contribute to those business owners and employees directly affected by the fire. We would like to immediately offer the following:

    * Meeting spaces: prioritized for those affected to meet with insurance agents, etc
    * Computer for word processing and internet access: unrestricted for time
    * Labor: The library employs nearly 20 folks and we have 65 volunteers. We are ready to work on your behalf.

    Thank you.


    Claudine Perrault

    Estes Park Public Library
    Box 1687 / 335 E. Elkhorn Ave.
    Estes Park, CO 80517

    The Pie Shop would like to donate Dinner-To-Go to any affected business owner. Call us in the morning to order Chicken Pot Pie, Lasagna, Italian Calzone Pie, or Beef Pot Pie or Sandwiches. We'll be happy to feed you all! Thanks and take care. Val & Rick

  9. After contacting all of our local massage therapists and massage offices, we have come up with the following offers to make available to the emergency personnel who responded to the fire, to the business owners and to their employees who were affected by this tragedy. This is our small way of saying thank you to those who responded to the fire and our way of saying we're here, we're your neighbors and friends and we'd like to help to those who have lost so much.

    The following businesses will be offering free 30-minute massage appointments to those individuals listed above.

    Sunday, October 25th:

    Affinity Massage & Wellness Center - (10:00 - 3:00)
    1182-C Graves Ave - Phone #586-3401
    Walk-in or Appointments taken

    Escape Spa at Mary's Lake Lodge - (9:00 - 2:30)
    Mary's Lake Lodge - Phone #577-9495
    Please call to schedule appointment

    Riverspointe Spa - (10:00 - 6:00)
    121 Wiest Drive - Phone #577-6841
    Walk-in or Appointments taken

    The Parlour Spa at The Stanley - (10:00 - 3:30)
    333 East Wonderview - Phone #586-9250
    Please call to schedule appointment

    Monday, October 26th:

    On The River Massage & Healing Arts (2:00 - 5:00)
    356 E. Elkhorn, #11 - Phone #577-7455
    Walk-in or Appointments taken

    The following massage therapists/offices will be offering various treatments on various days. Please contact them directly for available appointment times:

    Elements of Touch Wellness Spa & River Retreat
    477 Pine River Lane - Phone #586-6597

    The Massage Center
    413 W. Elkhorn - Phone #586-4157

    Mountain Bodhi - Phone #586-2949
    - Free yoga or meditation class

    Dawn Normali - Phone #586-0800

    Jennifer Pickle - Phone #586-3731

    Janet Biasi - Phone #586-0339
    - Free energy/body healing treatments

    If you need any further information, please feel free to contact me via email or phone, at 970-231-6396.

    Kim Coffey
    Affinity Massage & Wellness Center

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  11. Way to go! Keep it coming! Remember You Can DONATE NOW.... using PayPal.....The EVPC Board will allocate funds on a needs basis...! If all you can do is $10 bucks... Go Back one page to make your Donation Today! Support will also be given to the Bucket Brigade... We hope you will want to donate to building strong business foundations in our community!

  12. Sandy Rice of Productive Office & School Environments (303-833-4570 phone, 970-222-8884 cell) will donate her time at no charge to configure office furniture for any of the businesses that were damaged or destroyed by the fire. Sandy also mentioned that if any one had a "Fire King" filing cabinet, the manufacturer will replace it at no charge, and Sandy will be happy to process the claim.

  13. Estes Park Condos extends their deepest sympathy to all who have been affected by this tragedy.

    We would like to offer complimentary accommodations to people visiting from out of town who are assisting their friends or family.

    Our staff has also offered to donate their time toward any work needed.

    Elizabeth Blanchard and Staff
    Estes Park Condos

  14. If you are one of our Volunteer Fireman and you own a business...or need someone to cover a shift... I would be willing to take messages... or watch the shop while you get home or get some rest... Please call me

    Dave Ranglos

    Our company has FREE retail/commercial space available for up to 5 months to help somebody get reorganized. There will be no commitment after that period. The location is behind the mall next to the downtown laundromat.

  16. I am so sorry you have to go through this shock and pain...

    Unfortunately I am out of town working, but i am happy to donate items for a silent auction, please contact me at and i will send them in.

  17. I want to sincerely thank everyone for reaching out to those of us who lost what we so passionately built over the years, our businesses. I have Faith that everything will work out and we will be able to rebuild our lives. For the first few days, dealing with the stress was difficult and I never knew what to respond when someone would offer to help. It is especially hard to accept that I need serious help now when I am used to being self sufficient. In the coming weeks (and months) I am sure we will all know where we can use the help. Right now I am grateful to all of you for having positive thoughts and discussions on our behalf. I am looking forward to asking questions of the panel of experts that you are putting together.
    Robin Parker

  18. Local Roots Co-op will be offering free chair massage on Sunday from 10-6!

  19. Aaron at Unink Printworks here in Estes will offer any affected business a 20% discount on signage or banners. Use this discount when the time comes!

  20. It was so tramatic to watch the devastation and our thoughts are with you and the rebuilding of your business and your lives. We are so blessed to be live in such a wonderful, supportive community. We would like to offer you 1,000 free 4-color business cards.
    Ken & Marsha Hobert
    Hobert Ltd

  21. Some friends and I recently rented a house from Range Property Management. This is the review that I have posted everywhere I can find. My friends are also posting their reviews. It's a shame that this is how they're representing Estes Park.

    "Make sure you take pictures of your rental when you arrive, with a date stamp, if you're going to rent from these guys because they'll keep the majority of your deposit and make up stuff about how you left the house a mess.

    When we arrived, on the surface, the house was beautiful. The owners obviously spent a lot of money to make it comfortable. But then we started looking around and the bathrooms were still dirty, there was trash still in the garage, trash inside and outside the house...and get this...someone left PANTIES on the top shelf of one of the closets that had a thick coat of dust on them...really?? How long had those been there??? Also, there are a very few towels, so if you like to be dry after a shower, be sure to bring extra. Maybe some extra bedding would be good too, because there wasn't enough of that either. Oh yeah, there's a closet with extra towels and linen in it, but there's a note on the door that says that if you use them, they'll charge you for it. Oh, and bring paper towels and toilet paper, because there wasn't enough of that for even two days for us, so we had to go out and buy more.

    There's a hot tub that fits 4 people. We used it twice, for about an hour each time and then they had the nerve to say that we left it really dirty and it required extra cleaning.

    And get this...we're a group of women with the average age being 40-45. We get a letter saying the neighbors (the houses next to us were empty) complained about loud parties. Riiiiigggghhhhtttt. Most of us were in bed by 11pm.

    I'm sure if the owners knew that the house wasn't being kept clean they'd drop the management company in hot second.

    Estes Park is beautiful and I'd go back tomorrow if I could, but I'd rather sleep on the back of a horse than rent from these crooks again."